Deed Restriction Violation

The Board of Supervisors, under Florida Law 2004-417, instituted a list of fines concerning violations to published Deed Restrictions. A five-member committee of residents has been established to review any violations of Deed restrictions that are presented to them. Once a written or verbal complaint has been made to the clubhouse, the ARC/DRC coordinator will investigate and take pictures of the reported violation. S/he will present the findings to the Board of Supervisors who will approve/disapprove the findings. If a violation has occurred, a warning letter will be sent to the home owner of record. S/he has 19 days from the date of the letter to correct the violation. If it’s not corrected, the ARC/DRC coordinator will refer the matter back to the Board of Supervisors to determine if the violation has not been resolved. The Board of Supervisors will then issue the amount of the fine, suspension of the clubhouse privileges and gate remote if the violation is not corrected. The ARC/DRC Coordinator will then send a second letter for a scheduled PUBLIC HEARING and invite the homeowner to appear. At this time the DRVC will confirm or deny if fine with suspension of clubhouse privileges and gate remote should be imposed. The fine can be $25 a day for lot maintenance violations or $50 a day for vehicle parking. Other violations include: nuisance animals, temporary structures, garbage, fences, and yes, dirty mailboxes. If a property remains in violation and/or the fine remains unpaid; once the fine reaches $1000 in the aggregate, a lien will be placed on the property. All Deed Restrictions were put in place by the developer when MPII was built and are not set by the DRVC.

Again, DRVC Hearings are PUBLIC Hearings with records kept and open for anyone to attend. It is not the intent of the CDD to fine anyone but everyone must adhere to the Deed Restrictions. This is your community and we are all responsible to maintain our property and keep our property values up.

Download the DRVC 2018-19 schedule here

Village Deed Restrictions

To see your village’s Deed Restrictions, go to the Villages Tab above. It will list all of the Deed Restrictions. Deed Restrictions are enforced by the HOA, not the CDD, in villages with HOA.

Individuals wishing to report violations can contact the clubhouse at 813-991-5016 or stop in and fill out a Deed Restriction violation form. You do not have to give your name. The best way to submit this form, or one generated on your computer with the same information, is to deposit it in the MPII ARC – DRC box in MPII Clubhouse office. Reports received on or more than seven (7) days of the next scheduled meeting, will be reviewed at that meeting. Download the form here.