What Residents Should Know

MPII Sidewalk Safety

The MPII CDD Board of Supervisors (“Board”) has been working on repairing CDD owned sidewalks throughout our villages for some time now. It is an ongoing process, done on a priority basis. We try to repair any spots on CDD owned sidewalks where there is a trip hazard or any other safety issue, with cosmetic and aesthetic factors as a secondary priority. The Board also tries to do this in stages, in an effort to have as small an impact on each village’s CDD funds as possible.

The Board has realized additionally that numerous sidewalks in our community are owned not by the CDD, but by Pasco County. We are working on having Pasco County make repairs to county owned sidewalks that present safety hazards. This process may take time. While the process unfolds, our maintenance staff has been photographing and painting certain areas on county owned sidewalks. If you are out and see any sidewalks painted with yellow paint, this is the reason. Please exercise caution on all sidewalks as we work to identify and coordinate remediation of trip hazards, gaps, or other issues that could lead to an injury. Thank you for your patience.

MPII Hours

MPII Office Hours

Daily 8am – 9pm

Sat-Sun 8am-8pm

Pool Hours

Th-Tu: 10a – 30 minutes before Dusk
Wed: Noon – 30 minutes before Dusk

Fitness Center*

Mon-Fri: 7a - 8:45p
8a - 9p

MPII Playground

Daily 9am – dusk

Tennis Courts

M-F 9am – 7:45pm
Sat-Sun: 9am – 8:45pm

Basketball Courts

9am – 8pm


9am – 8:45pm


*The fitness center at MPII is only available to MPII residents It is required to have a MPII ID card to use the pool & clubhouse.

Those MP residents (I, III, and IV) not living in MPII may purchase an ID for a cost of $75 per year per household for access to the pool, playground and courts (will not include fitness center).

Clubhouse Rental

Rentals are for 4 hours maximum and must end by 8pm. (25 capacity per room)
MPII residents - $100 security deposit. No Rental Fee
MPIII & MPIV residents -$100 security deposit. $50 per room rental fee
For MPI residents -$100 security deposit. $100 per room rental fee

Keeping Our Community Safe

Pasco County Sheriff Deputies regularly patrol our community, and MPII is a very safe place to live. However, the best deterrent to crime is you, the resident. You are the eyes and ears of the community. If you see a crime in progress dial 911. Please do NOT call the Clubhouse as this delays the response. If you see something that needs attention but is NOT an emergency, please call the Pasco County Sheriff Non-Emergency number - 727-847-8102. Again, please do not call the Clubhouse. Also, you can avoid expensive tickets and keep the community safe by driving more slowly! Many in our community walk, ride bikes, etc. so please drive slowly and carefully in our neighborhood.


Water Regulations

Meadow Point II residents should all be on reclaimed water.
Reclaimed water Info: 813-996-7341 or 800-368-2411 (ext. 8131, 8145, 8041) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Address ends with Water on:
0-1 Tuesday & Friday
2-3 Thursday & Sunday
4-5 Monday & Friday
6-7 Tuesday & Saturday
8-9 Wednesday & Sunday

Garbage Collection

There is a contract with Waste Connections for all of MPII (excluding Townhomes) for trash pickup. All MPII residents are on the same schedule: Tuesday and Friday trash pick-ups weekly. Residents are advised to put their trash out after 6PM the evening before to avoid missing any early pick-ups.

Recycling Collection

Newspaper, cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum & metal recycling is collected curbside on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. Residents are advised to put their recycling out after 6PM the evening before to avoid missing any early pick-ups. Items for recycling are Newspaper, cardboard, aluminum cans, metal food cans, glass containers (clear, green and brown), and plastic containers (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #7).

Please note: no Styrofoam of any kind, no plastic toys, no plastic film or bags of any kind and no plastic utensils or plates, cups, tablecloths through curbside recycling.

You may use any container that you designate with a "Curb It Pasco" sticker on it facing the street. Stickers were mailed to all residents. If you need more, you can pick one up in the CDD office or contact Waste Connections (727) 847-9100.

Batteries, cell phones & ink cartridges: Our schools collect these and receive cash rewards which go directly back to help our students. If you have spent batteries (AAA, AA, C, D), old cell phones, or used printer cartridges, consider donating them to the schools in our community: you’ll be helping both our schools and our landfills!

Electronics: Recycle those old TVs, computers, and other electronics that contain hazardous materials by dropping them off at the East Pasco Household Hazardous Waste Transfer Station at 9626 Handcart Road. Call (352) 521-0500 for more information.

CF Light Bulbs: Home Depot stores recycle unbroken compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL’S), fluorescent tubes, and rechargeable batteries.


Vehicles parked in the street are in violation of Pasco County Code unless they have a County issued parking permit. Parking permits may be obtained from the office for $30. Other vehicles should be reported to the Pasco County Sheriff’s non-emergency number 727-847-8102.

The CDD requests that residents not block the sidewalk portion of their driveway with a vehicle so that everyone can walk safely on the sidewalks. Residents may park across the apron portion of their driveways (this is the area between the sidewalk and the road). Meadow Pointe II has a resolution concerning parking and the enforcement of violations of Parking Ordinance 2014-1.

Tree Removal

Before removing trees from your property, please call Pasco Code Enforcement, Landscape Unit at 800-368-2411.

Fishing in Ponds

The District has authorized fishing in the pond located at the east side of Mansfield Boulevard, across from Anand Vihar and that is the only location authorized by the District. For the privacy of residents and safety and liability reasons, trespassing on the property surrounding all other ponds is prohibited (except for maintenance and District personnel). Property owners who own property on or adjacent to a pond are permitted to use their own property and the adjacent easement areas to the waters edge. Property owners are NOT allowed to use the easement area that falls outside of these parameters. Property owners or others that are adjacent to ponds shall not deposit grass clippings into the ponds.


Pasco County Code requires the removal of feces on any property not belonging to the owner of the animal. To report stray or threatening animals or owners who do not scoop up pet waste, contact Pasco County Animal Control at 813- 929-1212.

It is illegal to allow any dog to roam at large. All dogs must be kept under “direct control” at all times, both on and off their owner’s property, by means of a fence, leash, cord, or chain of such strength to humanely restrain the same.

Storm Drains

Because street storm drains carry rain into our pond system, it is vital that these drains remain clear. Mulch, sticks, and other things may wash into the street during heavy rains and cause the storm drain openings to clog. If clogs are not removed, water will back up onto the street surface very quickly and then into yards. Residents need to check storm drain openings on their streets after heavy rains and remove any clogs.