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A Community Development District (CDD) is an independent special purpose unit of local government established pursuant to and governed by Chapter 190, Florida Statutes. There are over 300 CDDs throughout Florida today. CDDs have been used to help ensure infrastructure is in place when needed, meet the concerns of permitting agencies with respect to long-term maintenance of infrastructure, and provide Meadow Pointe II clubhouseaccess to sources of capital for infrastructure, common areas and amenities.

The CDD is a five seat board composed of supervisors elected during the general election, by qualified electors of the District. Each Supervisor serves a four year term.

In Meadow Pointe II, the CDD and its supervisors have the responsibility of maintaining and managing the CDD owned infrastructure, common areas and amenities. While the CDD may at times express support for various community issues outside of the scope of District responsibility (in the interest of the District), it is not an organization whose supervisors are empowered to handle homeowner or community wide issues beyond the mandate which the Board is entrusted through Pasco Ordinance 94-13 that established it, as well as Florida Statute 190. While Florida Statute 190 does not give the District Deed Restriction or Architectural authority, the Meadow Pointe II CDD has limited authority to act on these items as a result of special local legislation passed by the Florida Legislature.

Each property owner in Meadow Pointe II must pay a non advalorum CDD assessment which is collected along with the county taxes each year.

This assessment contains two parts:

  • Bond repayment: In CDD communities developers take out Bonds to pay for infrastructure/amenities. The repayment of these bonds is the responsibility of the property owners of a district, as they receive the benefits of the infrastructure/amenities.
  • Operations and maintenance: This portion of the assessment represents the ongoing costs of operating and maintaining any infrastructure or amenities that a District owns as well as any established reserves.

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